Minggu, 10 April 2011

the deer and the Kulomang

A long time ago in a forest on the islands of Aru, there lived a group of deer. They are very proud of his running ability. Their work other than grazing, is challenging other animals to escape fighting. If they were to beat him, the deer was going to take the place of residence.

In the forest lies the edge of a very beautiful beach. There live sea slug named Kulomang. Marine snail known as a clever animal, and very loyal friend. One day, the deer came to the Kulomang. Sea snail was challenged to compete in the run up to the headland to the eleven. The stakes are the coast of the sea slug residence.

In the heart of the deer that was certain to defeat the Kulomang. Not only the way very slowly, the Kulomang also shouldered shells. Shells are usually bigger than his body. Such a size that is caused by the shell that is the home of sea snails. The house was useless to resist so as not to float at high tide. And it is useful to protect the marine snails from the blazing sun.

On the appointed day the deer had invited his friends to watch the game. While the Kulomang have prepared ten friends. Each tail of his friend placed starting from the promontory to promontory into two to eleven. He himself will be in place beginning of the match. Ordered for her friends to answer every question the Deer.

Once the game started, the deer ran as quickly as possible ahead of the Kulomang. A few hours is already reached the second headland. His breath was panting. In my heart he was convinced that the Kulomang may only reach a distance of several meters. With pride he shouted, "Kulomang, now where are you?" His friend the Kulomang replied, "I'm right behind you." How shocked the deer, he did not break but ran helter-skelter.

The same thing happens repeatedly until the headland to ten. Entering the headland to the eleven, the deer was running out of breath. He fell down and died. Thus the Kulomang can not only defeat but also trick the deer that was arrogant. (Aneke Sumarauw, "The Deer and The Kulomang," Folklore of the Moluccas.


Selasa, 01 Maret 2011


emang lu peduli ga kalo gua jatoh? 
terus lu peduli kalo gua sakit?
masa sih lu peduli kalo gua mati?

jadi lu ga suka kalo gua lagi seneng?

oh temen gua tuh kayak gitu toh, baru tau gua.

i love you more !